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We've helped hundreds of homeowners get their roof replacement cost covered by insurance. Schedule your free inspection and find out if insurance will cover yours. FILL OUT FORM BELOW 

This homeowner had a roof leak was damaged and at the end of it's useful Life! I suggested that the owner call his insurance co, he did and we helped get them a free roof saving the homeowner over $10,000.00!

Tampa Bay Area Roof  Insurance Claims

What is the first thing you will need to do after calling Veteran Owned Roofing

The first thing you will need to do is locate your insurance policy information. When we think about filing a claim we tend to think it will be another issue or hassle but over the years filing a claim has gotten easier. A lot of companies now have provided us with new ways in order to simplify and speed things up. For example you can now log in online or you can download an app to your phone.

What will happen after I have filed a claim?
Once you have touched base with your insurance company and they are aware of a claim they will assign the claim to and adjuster to assess the damages done to your home. We will then take over from this point. As a roofing company who has dealt with insurance claims previously we know how to work with adjustors and how to respond and explain to them what needs to be done to get your home fixed.We use the same software as your insurance companies do so we may compare each other’s work. This will help in getting your claim done as soon as possible.

We like to explain as much in detail to your insurance company what is going on so they know to take responsibility. As well, we check and make sure that your home is up to code so that insurance company can send you a summary in as little as a week.

When the adjuster is sent to review the damage, we’ll make sure our representative is on-site to assist with the inspection process. Upon receipt of the adjuster’s report, our professionals will review the detailed findings for accuracy. From there, all that is left is to complete some paperwork and you are on your way to having a brand new roof installed. Our experienced roofing professionals will ensure that the process is painless and your roof lasts for years to come.

Making the most of your Claim.
There are so many details that go into repairing storm damages, insurance companies do not always see. With our help we can insure that the adjustors take into account these small details. If a claim has been filed already and something was missed we have knowledge about filing for Claim Supplements.


Recoverable Depreciation.
When a claim is filed insurance companies sometimes withhold what is known as Recoverable Depreciation. They tend to do this so that they can make sure all work has been completed for your claim. If insurance companies see that the work has not been completed this amount is lost and will not be paid.


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